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Velocity Plus ENHANCES proven BUSINESS OPERATing systems with It's PROPRIETARY V² FRAMEWORK™ to deliver ROI AND SCALE quickly. 



Velocity Plus helps companies find and execute against their Vision by using proven and/or custom business operating systems (e.g.,  EOS® Traction™, Objective Key Results (OKRs), Agile Scrum, etc... ).The V² Framework™ enhances these systems where they fall short.


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We have worked across multiple verticals including music, technology,
manufacturing, finance, e-commerce, digital entertainment and virtual reality to name just a few...

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 Emily Rhee
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 Jean Ward
 Daniel Garcia
 Janice Edwards
 Donna Garcia
 Daniel Eckart
 Robert Cho
 Shirley Garcia
 Kimberly Long



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"Velocity Plus has helped
us implement a common framework for clear communications & continue to work with us to refine our processes through the implementation of EOS Traction™.

Our executive team is working more cohesively than it ever has before.  We are setting expectations and creating a culture of accountability. "

Andrew Altorfer
CEO CirrusMD



"Lloyd and Tom go beyond just being considered 'consultants'. For Symphonic, they have increased our productivity and given us a better understanding of our business and how it works.

Additionally, they have given us principles and tools that continue to add to our overall profitability. I highly recommend Velocity Plus for any business."

Jorge Brea
CEO of Symphonic Distribution

"Lloyd and Tom at V+ are focused on delivering results. When we started MetaVRse, Velocity Plus was the first  call to ensure we setup our company to scale. The lessons we learned working with them have literally shaped the way we do business."

Alan Smithson
CEO of Metavrse


"Carolyn worked with me to build skills and gain insights that have transformed my approach to work and life. I feel more equipped to deal with the challenges that
arise, and more able to make an impact as a result of working with Carolyn. I can’t
recommend her highly enough!"

Shalini Kantayya
TED Fellow, Filmmaker, Activist

"When Carolyn and I started working together all I had was a rough idea and some vague goals.  With Carolyn's help, I was able to articulate that idea for the first time as well as better define my goals, and am thrilled to have now turned these
objectives into a concrete reality.  Thank you Carolyn for giving me the gift of your
time and knowledge - it has truly been a life-changing experience!"

Genevieve Von Petzinger
Paleoanthropologist, Speaker, Author, Explorer

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"Working with Tom and Lloyd, I've been able to strengthen my strategic plans and focus on achieving realistic results that move Blinker's business forward each week. They have pushed my thinking to be more strategic and focused on the results that matter most."

Andrew Price
VP of Creative at Blinker

"Working with Carolyn has had an incredibly meaningful impact on my work and life. With Carolyn I have learned to better articulate, focus, and achieve both short and long term personal and professional goals. I have found a true thought partner who helps me prioritize, analyze, strategize, and most of all, who helps me follow through, be that in having a difficult conversation, solving a complex problem, or identifying and planning for the future she has helped me realize what I want and need for myself."

Elisabeth Holm
Co-writer/Producer Landline
Co-writer/Producer Obvious Child
Women Filmmakers Initiative/Sundance Institute
Women at Sundance Fellows 2015

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"When we first started I had a dream of writing and directing my first narrative feature film and even though I had attended film school and had some basic experience in filmmaking, the task seemed daunting. Step by step, we worked through it, from writing the first draft of the script, to finding financing for it, to shooting it. Last year, the film was acquired by HBO."

Erika Bagnarello
Writer Costa Rica Filmworks

"I met Carolyn during a pivotal point in my career. I had a lot of anxiety and doubt around my creative process and the critical reception of my work, and Carolyn worked with me to develop new and autonomous systems of satisfaction and demarcations of success. She helped me to see opinions as separate from fact, to improve my communication and accountability and to ask the same of my colleagues. She worked with me to identify and commit to my goals and priorities, and helped me understand how to structure my days, weeks and months to devote time and resources to what I care most about, and to maintain balance in my life."

Pamela Romanowsky
Writer/Director The Adderall Diaries
Women Filmmakers Initiative/Sundance Institute
Women at Sundance Fellows 2016

Pamela Romanowsky.png

"The greatest contributions to my current skill set include areas within Promise Based Management, Trust, Speech Acts, and Meeting Agreed Upon Conditions of Satisfaction with other people. Without question, as I implemented many of the concepts that I worked on with Carolyn, productivity within my company soared. Accountability was required of all of our team members and it has become a very positive part of our corporate culture. Everyone has come to expect, as well as deliver, satisfaction to customers internally and externally."

Robert A. King
A.M. Todd Botanical Therapeutics
(Now President at SIBU)

"Carolyn has been my film development and personal goal coach for about a year
now. In that year I have secured a feature film deal with her guidance, and moved
forward significantly towards my goal as a feature film director. Her strength has been in coaching me with negotiating and clarity on what I want. She has also worked with me on personal habits of behaviour and thought, giving me daily practices to change those behaviours. This year has been an important year and Carolyn has been a strength and a guide for me in pursuing my goals."

Virginia Kennedy
Virginia Kennedy Pictures

V2 Framework





  CAROLYN KEYES |  Partner


A strategic executive mentor, thought-partner, and all-around badass, Carolyn has a passion for helping executives, creatives, and companies maximize individual and organizational growth. Her immediate focus is helping the Southeast’s most ambitious Fortune 500 executives, creative visionaries, and SMB founders and executives build and scale their companies and achieve their personal and professional ambitions.

As CEO of Velocity Plus, Carolyn and her partners work exclusively with companies who are seeking to overcome internal growth inhibitors and reach the next level - be that an exit, rapid expansion, or creating an atmosphere that empowers teams and executives to move the needle in their business.  With over fifteen years of experience across multiple industries and disciplines, Carolyn brings a unique perspective that will help seasoned executives scale and build their companies. Her work with creatives and business leaders in the entertainment industry, has earned her a position as a coach/mentor on the Sundance Institute Women’s Film Initiative Fellows Program along with having coached/mentored in the Ted.com Fellows Program, among others. Get in touch with Carolyn to learn how she can propel your business to the next level with an incomparable blend of compassion, expertise, and experience.

Over his 35+ yr. career Tom has built and sold four successful businesses. Tom has worked for IBM and several of its affiliated companies over the years holding executive positions in high growth/high risk lines of business. Tom combines his proprietary scaling technology with proven business operating systems to deliver rapid and measurable results. He has augmented his philosophy with sales enablement tools & frameworks that significantly increase revenue and performance from your sales executives.

Typically, Tom is brought in to either help companies scale, increase the ROI, fix stalled growth, implement a proven business operating system or a combination of all of these. Tom is the entrepreneur-in-residence at The Company Lab in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he mentors entrepreneurs from idea to enterprise. Tom is an advisor with the Blackstone Entrepreneur Network and advises CEOs, executives and investors on scaling growth-stage companies.

  TOM IYOOB |  Partner

TOM IYOOB | Partner

  ASHLEE LAWRENCE |  Director, Business Development

ASHLEE LAWRENCE | Director, Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Ashlee brings a deep knowledge of the southeastern business ecosystem, coupled with an empathetic ear and a sharp, tactical know-how to Velocity +.

Ashlee began her career at Reliance Partners, an insurance startup owned by the Lamp Post Group, a venture capital incubator. As Director of National Accounts, Ashlee facilitated the marketing efforts for a book of business totaling over $10 million in annual premiums. She was an integral player in all aspects of the sales process, from generating new business leads to negotiating on behalf of the client.

After getting a taste for the entrepreneurial economy, Ashlee moved from a startup to a startup support organization, serving as the Director of Programs for The Company Lab (CO.LAB).  At CO.LAB, Ashlee was a facilitator and cheerleader to countless startups, from ideation through fundraising. Ashlee re-designed CO.LAB’s Accelerator programming, leading to 85% of program participants raising capital and/or securing national distribution deals. It was through CO.LAB that Ashlee became acquainted with Velocity + and the high impact work the team delivers.

She currently serves on the nonprofit boards for Venture Forward and United Way's Emerging Leaders, and is a member of the selection committee for the Spirit of Innovation Awards. She also holds numerous corporate board seats.


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